We Make An Impact


Our Czech Retail team has just planted 400 new trees! Why, you ask? It is our annual tradition to plant trees for every deal made with our clients the preceding year – one tree per deal in 2022, now doubling the number to two per deal.

This is a way to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and the environment, contributing to reducing carbon emissions, providing oxygen, and creating a greener planet. These 400 trees can produce over 500,000 sheets of paper and consume approximately 50,000 kg of CO2 while creating up to 50,000 kg of oxygen every year.

Along with the environmental benefits, this initiative also links our team together and gives us a sense of joint purpose. After this second successful year, we’re looking forward to continuing, next year planting another two trees for every deal made with our clients.

Join us in making a positive impact while closing great deals with us, partnering with a team that is dedicated to improving the planet. Let’s continue to work together towards a more sustainable future. We would like to extend our appreciation to all of our clients for their valuable instructions and cooperation.