Retail services


The Cushman & Wakefield Retail Team is the largest and only team in the Czech market to provide complex services such as high street leasing, releasing of shopping centres, tenant representation, F&B and leisure, retail asset management, retail consultancy, cross border retail services, retail therapy, pop-up solutions and retail marketing. We specialize in property advisory services to deliver strategic solutions for clients’ development, leasing and property management needs.

Retail services for your needs

I am a landlord
We can support you in tenants searches, advice in agreeing lease terms, provide advisory services to ensure the optimal use of retail space, advice on market rental levels and provide consultancy services to advise on the best use of properties.
I am a tenant
We can assist you in property searches and support in agreement of lease terms, give you portfolio management advice and support in the sale or acquisitions of premises, and provide you with advisory services and market analysis for portfolio expansion.



High Street

  • In the high street sector our team is unrivalled with the leading position on the market, delivering advisory and leasing services to both landlords and tenants.
  • To date our team has leased over 1,000 high street shops in major cities in the Czech republic, which counts for almost 260,000 sq m of retail area.

Shopping Centres

  • Our dedicated shopping centers team is advising on leasing and releasing of numerous shopping centers, factory outlets and other retail properties.
  • To date our team has leased 40 new shopping centers and continues releasing numerous properties across the Czech Republic. In total, we have leased more than 1,450,000 sq m of retail space in shopping centers.

Tenant Representation

  • Expansion
    • Data
    • Competition analysis
    • Locations
    • Conditions negotiation
    • Final deal closing support
    • Market entrance support
  • Leases Management
    • Lease renewals
    • Savings
  • Optimization
    • Disposals (whole/partial)
    • Savings Consultancy
    • Data
  • Market analysis and overview
    • Data
    • Consultancy
    • Valuations

Annually we secure more than 30 new locations for our clients and negotiate over 500,000 EUR in savings.

Retail Development & Redevelopment Consultancy

  • Concept Advisory
  • Redevelopment Advisory
  • Realisation
    • Design and Build Services
    • Retail Leasing Services
    • Property Management Services

Retail Marketing

  • Marketing Consultancy and Advisory Services
  • Recommendation of suitable marketing solutions
    • Branding & story
    • Print materials
    • Social media
    • Microsite
    • Photography & video
    • Visuals
    • 3D Virtual Viewings
  • Concept Preparation  and Coordination
  • Design and Layout of the Materials
  • Regular Corrections and Check outs
  • Final Product Delivery