Cushman & Wakefield accelerating virtual commercial property marketing with Matterport


Cushman & Wakefield offers its clients a unique technology – 3D scanning by Matterport – for a virtual tour of their commercial properties. Thanks to this virtual property marketing tool, property owners, investors, prospective tenants or buyers can visit and explore any office, retail, hotel industrial or residential space online, with just one click, any time, from any device.

In 2020, Cushman & Wakefield announced a global agreement with Matterport. In the firm’s Prague office, skilled Matterport camera operators are available for clients to scan their properties, with the firm’s real estate professionals able to showcase properties in a virtual environment with dimensionally-accurate digital twins, delivering exceptional service to clients through a virtual solution that is imperative in the current environment.

By adding a unique link to an immersive 3D digital twin to their website, in their listings, emails or social media channels, Cushman & Wakefield professionals exponentially open up the number of prospects who walk through any property. Clients from virtually anywhere in the world can tour it at any time as if they were actually there; understand the scope of the property in dollhouse view and enter it from any angle; and digitally measure rooms, floors, ceiling heights and furniture to assess if the space fits their needs.

Since the beginning of cooperation with Matterport, Cushman & Wakefield has successfully digitized 3 million of square meters of properties, marketing its listings more effectively across 21 countries.

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