TVize: Tourists today travel for experiences. In Prague, it’s not just the city centre that attracts tourists anymore, but also public space and gastronomy.


Is Prague making sufficient use of its tourist potential? Is it still perceived as a cheap destination or is it succeeding in establishing itself as a luxury destination? Who comes here most for shopping and which tourists spend the most? How is convention tourism better for the city than individual tourism? And why are accommodation prices in Prague lower than in Budapest, Vienna or Belgrade?


Katarína Kakalíková from Mastercard, Jana Adamcová from Prague City Tourism and David Nath and Jan Kotrbáček from Cushman & Wakefield discuss not only Prague’s position as a tourist destination in the rest of Central Europe, but also the potential of its cultural and historical heritage for the development of congress and individual tourism, the gastronomic scene and the quality of local hotels.

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Moderated by Michala Hergetová