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Za Ženskými domovy, Prague Wider Centre, Prague, Praha, 150 00

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Smíchov City is a new neighbourhood development around the line B metro stations Anděl and Smíchovské nádraží. The Smíchov City project, which will sensitively fill areas vacated by the railway, an interesting future awaits this unused site. This is the largest-scale project in the modern history of Prague, and the plan for Smíchov City has also received positive reviews from UNESCO commissioners, who appreciate that the new development will not in any way disrupt the World Heritage site.

The first phase in the construction of Smíchov City, which predominantly provides housing, began in the northern part of the project in April 2020. This lucrative location will offer 55 000 m2 of apartments, offices and a non-residential ground floor with a growing number of services, restaurants and shops, including a supermarket.

Two typical city apartment blocks with 400 flats, 8 000 m2 of administrative space and approximately 6 300 m2 of retail space will be built near Na Knížecí square. The housing blocks are further divided into individual housing units. 195 housing units in the first block, SM2, have been on sale since spring 2020, while some of the apartments in the second, purely residential, block SM3 will be for rent. In Smíchov, a true urban district with all the necessary amenities, an integral part of which will be pleasant public spaces, will be created.

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