Interview with Jan Voslář about Primark market entry, redevelopment of Máj and Kotva or other major projects in Prague city centre


Jan Voslář is a partner of Cushman & Wakefield and is also the Head of High Street. His name is associated with the long-awaited arrival of affordable clothing brand Primark, which soon opens in the upper part of Wenceslas Square. To shop at Primark, Czechs do not hesitate to go to Dresden or Vienna.

“It took ten years to convince Primark to enter the market and find the right location for them – Wenceslas Square 47. We will all appreciate it in the coming months. The project is really spectacular. It is definitely something that will accelerate the development in the upper part of Wenceslas Square, ”says Voslář in the latest episode of Kapitola.

Primark should soon open in Brno, but that may not be all. “It is quite likely that there is still room for one or two Primarks in Prague,” Voslář says. According to him, the arrival of this company to the Czech Republic took a long time, among other things, because of the Czech crown. The company was used to do business only in pound, dollar and euro.

If you want to know more about the redevelopment of the Máj and Kotva department stores or new major projects in the center of Prague, watch the new episode of Kapitola.