Eurovea: Let’s See How We Grow


EUROVEA in cooperation with JTRE and Cushman & Wakefield organised an event for more than 80 retailers to present progress on development of Eurovea and Eurovea City, the largest mixed-use project on Danube River.

How We Grow

„How we grow“ was the name of the event organised in order to familiarize its participants with the largest mixed-use project in Central Europe. The history and importance of the Eurovea location was explained, along with the current status and facts about the existing phase and the finishing development of the second phase. Guided tour through advancing construction of Eurovea extension followed, including a visit of construction of the first skyscraper in Slovakia, the Eurovea Tower, which is directly connected to the project.


The whole Pribinova boulevard, part of Eurovea City, created by the architectural firm BB&GG, Beth Galí arquitectes will complete the new city centre for Bratislava in 2022. See the process in the video here: